Building Around Goals

March 30, 2017

Today you started a diet. Day 1 WOOHOO!

No. Stop right now. A diet? How many times before has this happened and failed? Take a second and think. Short term “dieting” usually ends up in a crash and digging a deeper hole than we started in.

We are not going on a diet. We are building around our goals. Here is my mindset for you.

For whichever goal that we have, we must build up to the goal. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense that if we want to achieve a certain health level that we will need to build up the habits to support that goal? There is nothing magic about it. This mindset of building is based upon growing habits to support our goals. Once we reach one level, we either maintain the habits or we add/grow the habits to get to the next level.

Get to building.

Be Strong and Be Superfly, always,

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