October 15, 2016

Over all of my years on earth so far, one of the habits that has helped me the most has been reflection. When I was a freshman in college, we learned about reflection. We did reflection exercises constantly and I thought it was pointless. Being an ignorant freshman, I later have come to find out how important this act is.

I started reflecting the most when I wanted to figure out what my purpose was. I figured, ok, I have this story about me. What does my story mean? What have a learned in my life? As I searched, I realized that the story of my life has a very important purpose. Every mistake that I have made has been done and utilized to help another become greater or overcome their own mistake. Every success that I have made has been able to inspire another, whether I knew it or not. The feeling of being lost has usually gone away every time that I decide to reflect.


Each of our lives unfolds everyday. Once we look back and string them together, it sometimes can make some sense. I have gone through some incredibly rough times as an athlete and I know that they are there now for a purpose. I am stonger. I am leader. I am here to share those and uplift people who may have or are struggling with the same thing. The hardest times can always bring strength to the best of times if the right perspective is utilized.

I encourage you to take the time to reflect. Write, paint, go ponder nature, record yourself, make videos, make music; however it may be that you express yourself. There is no need to share it, either. Private or public, that is not the matter. The matter is to allow your history to reveal itself and learn from your story.

Be Strong and Be Superfly, always,

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